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Learn more about Café Salomón and what sets us apart from the rest

100% Puerto Rican Coffee

Café Salomón is a 100% Puerto Rican coffee. Our coffee is grown at Hacienda Salomón, which was established in 1956. Since then the family has devoted body and soul to the cultivation and sale of coffee.

Committed to coffee

Como bien se sabe actualmente el mundo del café es muy competitivo y en nuestra isla grandes compañías han venido a apoderarse del mercado del café tostando café de nuestro país y mezclándolo con café de otros países quitándole así la calidad que nos distinguía.

We as a family of farmers want consumers to buy a high quality and pure product from our country and for that reason we decided to create Café Salomón.

The best that Puerto Rico has to offer

Café Salomón is distinguished by being a coffee that comes from a single farm (single Origin), 100% Puerto Rican and with a perfect grain. We have an artisan coffee which is dried in the sun and a premium premium coffee. Our coffee is dried and roasted by the family and then packed. Fresh, high-quality coffee with an elegant aroma. Café Salomón is a coffee that preserves the high quality that distinguished our Puerto Rican coffee in times past.  


100% from Puerto Rico

farm only

days left to sun-dry




Sola finca


días secando al sol

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